Ms. Greta Brandon

Latchkey Director

(513) 961-1953 Ext. 100

Our Latchkey Programs provide professional care, supervision, recreation and enrichment activities. It serves working parents who desire both Catholic school education and supplementary day care in the Christian environment. Enrollment is limited to children enrolled at St. Francis de Sales school due to Archdiocesan insurance policy requirements. There is no discrimination as to race, creed or color.

The professionally operated programs allow children to experience a rich diversity of growth activities within a Catholic environment, activities are planned to compliment the philosophy and values of the school and family. Time is set aside for homework completion, with tutorial help and resource materials available. Upon completion of homework, arts and craft projects, science experiments, games, and snack time are planned for the students.

Our Latchkey programs strive to provide individual attention, security, consistency and fair treatment for children of working parents. Parents are welcome to visit the program at any time. The best assurance for the success of your child’s latchkey program is the close cooperation with parents and staff.

For more information about our Latchkey Programs, please contact the school office at 513-961-1953

After-School Latchkey Program:
Registration fee $15.00 (per family). The fee is non-refundable.

Latchkey is $5.00(five dollars) per hour/per child.

Late Charges of $1.00(one dollar) per minute until the pick-up of the child/children. Late charges begin after 6:00 PM. Late charges must be paid the same day charged or the child/children will not be admitted to Latchkey the following day.

All fees are due on Friday. Fees MUST be paid weekly. Fee bills are sent home every Monday in the family envelope.

When paying fees, please place cash, money order or check in an envelope with your child’s name, amount and payment week date on the outside of the envelope.

There is a $25.00 fee for returned NSF checks and a limit of two NSF checks for the school year. After two NSF checks in one school year, all fees must be paid by cash or money order. No more checks will be accepted.

You may enroll your child for a limited number of days, as long as those days are paid for in advance. However, priority will be given to children who enroll for the entire week.


No Registration fee- sign up with Ms. Brandon in the office.
Fee per morning: $5.00
All fees are due on Friday of each week. Fee bills are sent home every Monday in the Family Envelope.

A child/children will NEVER be left unsupervised or out of sight of at least one of the Latchkey staff members

Parents or guardian should not take children from the Latchkey Program or other areas within the school grounds without notifying the Latchkey Program staff and signing the child out with your signature. The Latchkey staff will sign the child/children in.

Latchkey personnel will not permit children to leave in a taxi presumably sent by parents. If you intend to send a taxi for your child, you must first notify the Latchkey Program director in writing, signed and dated. A telephone call, e-mail or text message is unacceptable

Latchkey personnel will not permit children to leave and get on the Metro or walk home. If you intend for your child to ride the Metro or walk home, you must send a note to the Latchkey Director in writing, signed and dated. A telephone call, e-mail or text message is unacceptable

Parents or guardians should not send people to pick up their children whose names are NOT on the release form. For the child’s safety, Latchkey personnel will not release your child/children to ANYONE not listed on the release form.

With the children’s safety and well being in mind, it is most important that parents complete an Emergency Transportation Form that will be kept on file in the Latchkey Program. In the event of an emergency that requires the child/children being transported, this form will allow them to be transported. This form also gives permission for medical treatment from the facility chosen by the parent.