Teacher: Mr. Allen
Language Arts 6, Social Studies 6-8
(513) 961-1953 xt 116

Teacher: Mrs. Beck
Math 6-8, Reading 8
(513) 961-1953 xt 115

Teacher: Mrs. Judy Maly
Religion Grades 5-8
(513) 961-1953 xt 181

Teacher: Mrs. Owen
Science/Health 5-8
(513) 961-1953 xt 121

Teacher: Ms. Joni Ficke
Reading & Language Arts Grades 6-8
(513) 961-1953 xt 118

(Please be aware that during the school day, teachers may be unavailable due to classroom instruction time.)


In order to provide a safe environment where all students can learn, the junior high students will follow the Saint Francis de Sales Code of Conduct as outlined in the handbook. There will be rewards for those students who consistently follow the Code of Conduct and consequences for those who do not.


Students take part in an economics program offered through the University of Cincinnati. As part of this program the students receive a “paycheck” at the beginning of each week of $50.00. They have to “pay” money for each of the following: misbehavior, demerits, detentions, and not having needed supplies. The students can also earn money from their teacher or other staff members for good behavior. Several times throughout the year a store will be set up. The students can shop and spend their money or they can choose to save it for a bigger ticket item.

Our basic tenet is “Students have a right to learn and teachers have the right to teach.” Any student interfering with this basic belief is subject to the following reprimands:

• Students will receive a Check Mark for each behavior infraction. Each check comes with a corresponding consequence

A more detailed explanation of the Check System and its rewards and consequences will be sent home toward the end of the week.

Please review the Parent/Student Handbook for specifics regarding uniforms and behavior expectations.

LABEL EVERYTHING: Please write your child’s name on EVERYTHING.  Your child’s items look just like everyone else’s.  Things get lost, misplaced or accidentally picked up by someone else, especially clothing: Gym clothes, sweaters, jackets, etc.

•One (1) Book Bag, one that will fit into locker No wheels (see
•Parent/Student Handbook
•USB Flash Drive/Jump Drive
•Filler Paper- get wide rule lines. Must not be torn from notebooks;
•Six (6) one -subject spiral notebooks- Green for LA, Purple for
•Reading, Blue for Math, Orange or Black for religion, Red for
•Science and Yellow for Social Studies. Do Not bring extra
•spirals and expect to tear out and hand in work on paper with
“ragged” edge
•Six (6) Two-Pocket Folders- Green for LA, Purple for Reading,
•Blue for Math, Orange or Black for religion, Red for Science,
Yellow for Social Studies.
•1” Binder for Social Studies
•Pens- blue and black ink only, for assignments (get lots- the multi
packets provide savings!) All assignments are to be written in
pen-except puzzles, crosswords, diagrams, and math-otherwise
expect to use pens!!! If you make lots of mistakes- get erasable
pens!! Students must have 2 pens in their possession at ALL
•Two (2) Red Pens
•Pencils- Multi-pack is useful-with eraser
•Colored Pencils- Box of 8 sufficient
•Highlighters- get multi pack with different colors-at least 4
•One (1) ream of white Copy Paper
•Scissors- sturdy enough to cut folded construction paper.
•Pencil Bag or Box- Something to keep your stuff from rolling
•Three (3) Large size boxes of tissues- These will be shared and
the school will not provide them. We may need more throughout
the school year.






Social Studies: