Teacher: Mr. Marengo
(513) 961-1953 xt 109

Assitant Teacher:

(Please be aware that during the school day, teachers may be unavailable due to classroom instruction time.)

Each day, students should come to class prepared, with all supplies. Students are expected to follow all classroom and school rules, show respect to ALL adults and to peers, and to stay attentive with active participation.

For discipline, students are given a check each time they talk during class/hallway, get up out of their seat, show disrespect, etc. If students acquire 4 checks in a day, a conduct referral will be given. When students receive 2 conduct referrals, a detention will be assigned.

Students are given an opportunity each day to write the daily homework in their planner. Please see and sign your child’s planner each night to check for homework assignments.

LABEL EVERYTHING: Please write your child’s name on EVERYTHING.  Your child’s items look just like everyone else’s.  Things get lost, misplaced or accidentally picked up by someone else, especially clothing: Gym clothes, sweaters, jackets, etc.

NO Toys of any kind!! Not even for recess. All toys will be confiscated and not returned!

PLEASE DO NOT BUY: Crayons, Scissors and a Zipper Pencil case (These will be provided). No Trapper Keepers, etc. They may not use them and we are limited on space! Also, do not buy pencil sharpeners, fad eraser toppers, pens, etc. Just the required supplies!

•One (1) Book Bag, No wheels (see Parent/Student Handbook
•Belt- Students must wear a belt with uniform pants and shorts
•Pencils- #2 Have at least at all times, extra are great.
•Erasable Pens-Blue or Black Only 4or 5 of the erasable type, since the 4 th
graders are just learning to use a pen After several months, any type is
•fine, but only blue or black.
•Markers- One (1) box of Crayola, round tip
•Colored Pencils – One(1) box of 12 or more crayola
•Glue- Elmer’s (white only)\
•Plastic supply box for pencils, markers, etc.)
•Four Packs of filler paper Wide Ruled(not in a tear-out notebook)
•One (1) 2-inch,3hole Binder
•One (1) 1pack of dividers with pockets- to go in binder
•Six (6) 2-pocket folders- Without clasp
•Two (2) Spiral Notebooks- at least 75 pages. Do not buy the kind with
•Four (4) boxes of Kleenex
•Two (2) of wipes refill packs of quilted Northern
•Five (5) packets index cards
•One (1) Pack of Copy Paper
•One (1) Expo Marker Black
•Five (5) rolls of paper towels


Computer and Library

Gym and Music



Enchanted Learning

Math – For Grades 3-5:

Math Glossary

Please encourage your child to read independently each night for 15-20 minutes. This strengthens fluency and builds comprehension.


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