Registration for Current Students

Parents with children in good standing will have first opportunity to register for the new school year. To reserve a place in the school, students must be registered during the month of January. The registration fee is $30 per family and is non-refundable.

After January 31st, registration for new families will begin. If you have not registered by this time, you risk loosing a seat for your child for the next school year.

NOTE: Tuition for current year must be current to register for the new school year.


Tuition for the school year is $4500.00.

Class size is limited to 25 students per class.

Spaces are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

The Registration Fee is $30.00 per family. It is not included in the tuition and is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Registration will not be accepted without the Pink Registration Form, the $30.00 non-refundable registration fee and the Financial Aid Form with all the required information. ALL Families (EdChoice included) MUST pay non-refundable $30 Registration Fee. Registration will not be processed without Registration fee.

Required Documents

When registering a returning student, you must bring:

• $30.00 Registration Fee
• Money Order for applying for tuition assistance (amount to be determined each year)
• Completed Income Tax information for the previous year
• All W-2’s for previous year
• Letter from Case Worker, stating amount, if receiving Public Assistance and Food Stamps
• Letter from Social Security if receiving any Social Security checks
• Proof of Address

No registration is final until all the required information is provided and approved by the principal.

Financial Aid

We realize that increasing tuition costs are a hardship on your budget, but please be aware that there is tuition assistance available.  EVERY FAMILY is required to complete a CISE financial aid form. This form MUST be filled out and returned to our office with all financial information by the deadline.  You will need to provide proof of income received during the previous tax year.  The following documents are acceptable:

▪ Copy of ALL pages of your 1040 form or the income tax form that you used for the previous tax year
▪ Copy of W-2 form for previous tax year (for all working members of the household)
▪ Food Stamp Verification
▪ Cash Assistance Verification
▪ SSI Benefits Verification
▪ House Assistance Verification
▪ Unemployment Benefits
▪ Disability Benefits
▪ Worker’s Comp
▪ Retirement Benefits
▪ Any other providers of benefits


All students in grades K-8 MUST be up to date on all immunizations.  Our school Nurse will screen the incoming Kindergarten students to make sure that they have all their shots before schools starts.

All students entering the Kindergarten must have the following and proof of immunizations submitted to the school before the 1st day of school is in session:

▪ DPT – 4 doses (5 doses if 4th dose received before 4th birthday).
7th grade requires one additional dose of TDAP as a booster.
▪ Polio (OPV or IPV) 4 doses if 3rd dose received before 4th birthday
▪ Hepatitis B – 3 doses
▪ MMR – 2 doses
▪ Varicella – 1 dose

Kindergarten students need 2 doses of Varicella prior to entry to school.  Students who are not in compliance with State Law (RC3313.67) on having all required immunizations, will be excluded from class until shot record is current.

Payment Options

Tuition payments are due into the school office no later than the 10th of each month.

We now accept MasterCard and Visa for tuition payments and other school-related expenses except lunch charges and sports fees.

Payments for the upcoming school year can be made during the summer months. This will help reduce the monthly payment.

For details contact the school office.